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Have a child attending summer camp at SSP? Here’s what to expect!

We hope you and your child are excited for summer camps to begin! Whether it’s their first time on a sailboat doing Junior Explorers or they’ve been on the water for years, our summer camps offer each camper a chance to learn new skills, make new friends, and appreciate all that Lake Washington has to offer. 
When you come to SSP on Monday morning, you can expect a short wait at the check-in desk. We won’t start checking anyone in until 9AM exactly, but you’re welcome to come early to get acquainted with the site and enjoy the lake. We’ll confirm a few details with you and your child at the check-in desk and then they’ll head over to join their group. 
This year we’re requesting that our campers do not have phones out during camp at all. We understand that emergencies come up and invite any campers with phones to keep them tucked away in their bags, but we will not be permitting campers to have them on boats or during land-based activities*.
All camps begin with a water comfort check. This is not a swim test but rather a way for instructors to check and see how comfortable each camper is in the water for if/when their vessel capsizes. Several camps will also begin with a capsize drill so campers are prepared if/when that happens throughout the week. Campers are in PFDs the entire time and do not need to know how to swim far, but should remain calm and not panic when in the water. 
Each camp offers a different curriculum and each week will offer a different experience based on weather and wind. Some days have more on-land portions, and other days involve a trip across the lake or other excursion. Sometimes it’s pretty hot out and sometimes it’s raining, so we recommend checking the conditions before camp and bringing an extra change of clothes or a blanket if needed. We frequently check-in with campers about hydration and sunscreen reapplication during long days on the water but you know your child best, so we’d love your help with reminders each day as applicable. 
If you’ve got specific concerns about your child’s camp experience or feedback, please check-in with the instructors at drop-off in the morning or after camp when you pick them up (we’ll have them ready for pickup at 4PM!). A staff member is always around in the office and we can always contact instructors on the water via radio if things come up during the day as well. 
We hope it’s a great week and that your sailor ends up having a wonderful time with us! As always, let us know what questions you have and how we can help make camp universally wonderful for all campers!
 *Please talk to our Sailing Director, Nora, if there is a specific need for phones or other devices during camp 

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