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Refresh Your Sailing Skills

Refresher lessons* are moving to an online format and are a FREE way for those with previous dinghy sailing experience to review rigging, launching and specific boat knowledge with a SSP instructor.

This is a good opportunity to assess one’s readiness prior to taking the Skills Proficiency Test that is required to rent a boat at SSP.

Rigging Videos are taught on Lasers, Hobie Waves, Windsurfers, Flying Juniors (FJs), and RS Quests. In our Rigging Videos, our instructors will review:

  • Boat rigging specifics
  • Launching and retrieving
  • Boat specific tips
  • Other site related specifics

*The purpose of these videos is to refresh sailors on how to rig our Open Boating sailboats, these videos are intended for people with sailing experience as they do not replace in person training!

How to Rig a Laser:

How to Rig a RS Quest:

How to Rig a FJ:

How to Rig a Hobie Wave:

How to Rig a Windsurfer:


Skills Proficiency Test

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