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Group Types

Schedule a field trip for your students! Plan an experience for your youth group! Bring your company to Sail Sand Point for team building! Host your child’s birthday party on the lake, or even get the whole family together for a reunion and sailing lesson!

SSP’s group programs are customized to your group’s unique goal for the day – whether that be STEM, a scavenger hunt, or just fun on the lake!

You might be wondering, what kind of group am I?

Read on for group descriptions and then reach out to us to co-create a customized experience.


Expanding what a sailor can look like

The goal of our Leeway Program is to break down the traditional barriers to sailing and on-the-water recreation activities, so that anyone can experience the sense of freedom, responsibility, and passion that sailing brings.

Leeway Groups are a nonprofits that primarily serve youth and adults who might not have the social or economic resources to discover the joy of sailing and small boats. SSP offers scholarships to Leeway groups so they can fully participate in what can often be a sport only for the privileged.

First Mate

Establishing connections for a common goal

The First Mate group is SSP’s ally in spreading the word of our mission. These groups value equal opportunity and make positive changes in the lives of youth and adults on grand scales.

First Mate partners include community organizations such as Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA branches, and community centers. These groups often schedule time in half or full day increments during our summer camp season.


Building new skills outside the classroom

School group sailors tie us to the lives of youth and the community. We keep our relationships strong like a bowline knot to inspire children to further explore their interests beyond school.

Bowline groups are our public and private school partners. Whether you’re bringing elementary, middle, high school or even college sailors, our Bowline sessions teach skills that students can use inside and outside the classroom!


Ensuring growth and valuable support

Private and corporate groups are the friends who protect SSP’s mission. We provide Fender groups with outstanding personalized programs so that we may provide the same to less advantaged groups at lower rates.

Fender Groups are our corporate and private clients. They support SSP’s mission and join in the fun participating in team building, retirement parties, and birthday celebrations.

Private & Corporate Groups

Improve teamwork and communication skills, take to the water for a family reunion or birthday party, or just get a group together to have fun!

Sail Sand Point is happy to accommodate private and corporate group events through our Fender Group program.

Join us to experience the joy and life enhancing benefits of group sailing or paddling. We are happy to work with you to design a program that meets the needs and specific goals of your group.

Group Programs run from May – September, keep this in mind when filling out your form and requesting program dates! 

Sail Sand Point may safely accommodate group sizes of up to 25 (this is based on the type of equipment requested and its availability).

Group Pricing

Corporate per person/per hour rate: $25 per person per hour for on the water time.

Underserved Communities, Partner Groups, School Groups rate* (pricing is per person/per hour):

5-10 people: $12
11-15 people: $11
16-20 people: $10
21 -25 people: $9
26- 35 people: $8

*All underserved communities, partner groups and school groups are eligible for scholarships. Please request scholarship when filling out our group participation form.

Optional add-ons:

Facility Use – Full day (8 hours)

Includes up to 8 hours of staff time, building space, dock, water, lifejackets, etc.


Facility Use – Half day (4 hours)

Includes up to 4 hours of staff time, building space, dock, water, lifejackets, etc.


Additional Staff time (per hour)

Staff member on site beyond 4 or 8 hours.


Table and Chairs (per table)

6 to 8 people per table.


Group Deposit & Cancellation Policy

Please let us know ASAP if you need to cancel or reschedule a group program.

Deposits paid to hold dates are not refundable, although they will be applied as a credit to your final invoice.

For single day programs, SSP requires a 50% deposit of the anticipated group price at the time of scheduling. 

Your cancellation must be made two weeks (10 working days) prior to your program day in order to receive a refund of the deposit. Cancellations made after this date will not receive a refund of the deposit.

Cancellations on SSP’s end:

If SSP cancels your program due to weather conditions (high wind speeds, lightning, poor air quality,* etc.) or for other reasons specified upon cancellation, groups will receive a full refund or will find another date/time to reschedule.

*We will be monitoring AQI based on forecasts for our area and will make cancellation determinations if AQI is in the unhealthy range. 

AQI:  51-100 = Moderate
AQI: 101-150 = Unhealthy if Sensitive
AQI: 151-200 = Unhealthy


Contact Groups Manager Maisie Bryant at (206) 525-8782 x104 or email