Sail Sand Point

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Group Programs

Group Programs provide groups of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds the unique opportunity to get out on the water and explore our marine environment in a safe and supportive atmosphere.
We partner with organizations and groups in the greater Seattle area to bring a wide range of participants down to explore the lake and experience their city from an entirely new perspective.

Group Programs run from May  – September, so keep this in mind when filling out your form and requesting program dates!

Sail Sand Point can safely accommodate group sizes of up to 25 (this is based on the type of equipment requested and its availability).

Design Your Experience

Your group experience is highly customizable. We offer half-day, and custom scheduling options to cater to a variety of programs, near and far.
Choose your Activity:
  • Marine science/STEM curriculum
  • Paddling on kayaks and SUPs*
  • Sailing on Hobie Waves*
  • Team building exercises
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Or a combination of the above!

*Wind-dependent activity

A half-day (3 hour) program is a great way to get a taste of what the lake has to offer, and to inspire a passion for water activities. Participants will learn basic sailing or paddling knowledge and skills as well as on-the-water safety, and then use their newly discovered ability to sail or paddle to explore the lake and chart new waters.

Ready to bring your group to Sail Sand Point?