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Summer Travel Team Racing

Thank you for your interest in racing with SSP’s Travel Race Team!

SSP’s Travel Team provides training opportunities for the highest level of youth racing in the Northwest. Skills development and regatta coaching are offered, and sailors are expected to pursue goals independently. Prospective sailors should have a strong racing background and intent on competing in a majority of the regional circuit. Families should be prepared to travel around the region to regattas. Out-of-state regatta opportunities available.

Summer Travel Teams


  1. Admittance to the Summer Travel Team is by coach approval
  2. Expected to attend practices regularly
  3. Should have at least one season of racing experience


  1. Master boathandling fundamentals and basic fleet racing strategy
  2. Attend at least three youth circuit regattas 
  3. Develop and work towards personal competitive goals

Opti Travel Team

Ages 9-15, youth singlehanded

For sailors with prior regatta experience.

Planning to compete in the Youth Circuit and Opti NW Champs.
Focus on mastering boathandling and developing boat speed.

Up to 110 lbs.

C420 Travel Team

Ages 15-18, teen doublehanded

For sailors with prior experience in the FJ or C420, planning to compete in the Youth Circuit. Heavy focus on boathandling with emphasis spinnaker and trapeze work. 130 lbs minimum for crews.

Participates in at least three NWYRC regattas during the season, Friday Night series, Gorge Clinic.

Laser Travel Team

Ages 14-18, teen singlehanded

For sailors with at least a season of racing experience in the Laser, planning to compete in the Youth Circuit.

Sailors may use ILCA 4, 6, or 7 rigs, dependent on weight and coach approval.

Participates in at least three NWYRC regattas during the season, Friday Night series, Gorge clinic. 

Details and Registration

Travel team sailors will compete in NWYRC Youth Circuit regattas throughout the summer season. Families must be committed to supporting their sailor’s travel, and/or willing to let their sailor travel independently. All travel team sailors will have the opportunity to attend at least three youth circuit regattas, supported by coaching and equipment from SSP.

Application and Registration

Due to demand and limited capacity, as well as the focused and specialized nature of these teams, admission to Travel Laser and C420 Race Teams is by application only.

Race Team Dues

Sail Sand Point utilizes a tiered dues structure for our youth racing programs and offers scholarships to any youth racing participants in need.

Families can choose between paying market rate or a more supportive rate; can request a subsidized rate; or apply for a scholarship.

All race team dues payments will be managed through Active Network.

Families are not beholden to pay at the same tier over multiple seasons. The tier a family chooses will have no impact on their sailor’s standing in the program.

Please refer to the Race Team Dues page to choose what is best for your family.