Sail Sand Point is a community boating center dedicated to bringing the joy and life-enhancing benefits of sailing and small boats to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. SSP is proud to offer half and full scholarships to youth and adults, so that no one is excluded from the opportunity to come to Sail Sand Point and learn, regardless of financial circumstances. You can find the Scholarship Application Form here.

Please note that for the 2021 season, due to safety measures enacted to protect the health of staff and students, there will be smaller class sizes and reduced offerings. This consequently means fewer scholarship spots will be available. If you or your child were approved for a scholarship for a class in the 2020 season that was cancelled due to COVID 19, you may still be eligible to receive tuition assistance, but in order to maintain the highest level of equity we are not carrying 2020 applications forward into 2021, and you will need to reapply. Thank you for your understanding.

If you prefer to fill out and mail or deliver us a paper copy of the application, you may print a PDF version.

After you’ve taken a class or two, there are more affordable ways to get back on the water! Volunteer with Sail Sand Point and receive one hour of Open Boating boat rental time for every three hours of volunteer service.

“Thanks for the camp scholarship this summer! I took the SB3 camp this summer. I think I would like volunteering at SSP next year. I had lots of fun sailing this summer.”

                                                               – Kirin

“Thank you for the scholarship you awarded me for the adult windsurfing class. I have wanted to learn windsurfing for many years, and FINALLY decided to go for it. THANK YOU!”

                                                                      – Rob