Sail Sand Point is a community small boat program dedicated to youth and access for all. SSP is proud to be able to offer half and full scholarships to youth and adults alike, so that no one is excluded from the opportunity to come to Sail Sand Point and learn on the water, regardless of financial circumstances.We know that you have a full schedule, so our scholarship application is quick and easy.

For children, sailing offers a safe way to be challenged – to explore their abilities, to go farther and faster than they have before. Being in command of a small boat allows a child to develop the judgment, responsibility and confidence that will accompany him or her throughout the rest of their life.

“I liked going across the lake even if it was not windy. I was the only person in my class that did not want to get towed to shore. I hope I can do it next summer also”

For adults, being in a sailing class offers a comfortable and encouraging environment for learning a new skill or building on previous experience. Coming to Lake Washington offers an escape from daily life and a fun way to build confidence and be outside.

“By awarding me the Adult Beginners Scholarship you have lightened my heart. Your generosity has inspired me to continue sailing. I hope one day I will be able to share these gifts with others just as you have shared with me.”

After you’ve taken a class or two, there are more affordable ways to get back on the water! Volunteer with Sail Sand Point and receive one hour of Open Boating boat rental time for every three hours of volunteer service.

NEW! Youth and Adult Scholarship Applications can now be completed online through the following Google Form. A PDF version of the application is also available below.

This form will open again on February 1, 2019.

Scholarship TY Drawing