What can you do to support a stronger, healthier community?

“GiveBIG” is a one day online charitable giving event put on by The Seattle Foundation to inspire the public to give generously to nonprofit organizations that make our region a more vital place to live. Each donation made as part of ‘GiveBIG’, on May 6th between midnight and midnight, is increased with a partial match from The Seattle Foundation’s stretch fund.
Your support helps Sail Sand Point fulfill its mission to be a community boating center which provides access to the water to youth and adults from all economic backgrounds.
How does a community boating center support a stronger, healthier community? Sail Sand Point provides a place where parents relax on the pier while their children go for a sail, and where young adults go for a paddle with longtime friends or brand new ones. SSP provides a place where families can spend quality time outdoors, away from phones, TVs and computer screens; and where children can challenge themselves by learning new skills to make a boat go all the way from Seattle to the east side using just the wind.
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Click here to make a donation to Sail Sand Point on May 6, to support your healthy and vibrant community.