2014 Week Night Racing

Race Nights at SSP

Sailors looking to hone their skills, make new friends, or just enjoy an evening on the water are invited to participate in Sail Sand Point’s casual summer racing series. No reservations are necessary for race nights and sailors are welcome to drop in any week during the summer to participate.

Mixed Fleet Monday Night Racing

Sail Sand Point hosts informal Mixed Fleet racing on Monday nights at 530pm during the summer (mid-June to September), and Sunday afternoons at 3pm during the spring (April to mid-June). Any type of sailboat can participate and no scores are recorded. There is no fee to race, although SSP does suggest a $5 contribution.

Participants that wish to rent SSP boats will have to do so through an online reservation process, and we will build out our Monday Open Boating (OB) sessions to best cater to Monday night racers. Open Boating staff will place a mark at ~5:00p. Rigging begins around 5:30pm and the first start is close to 6pm. On Mondays’ OB will run until 730p through May 24th, and then move to 830p from May 31st through Aug 30th. The mark will be pulled and all SSP boats must be derigged and checked in by closing time.