Fleet Inventory

Min People Max People Quantity
Sailing   Optimists (Optis) 1 kid 2 kids 10
  Lasers 1 1 (4 active) 6
  Flying Juniors (FJs) 2 2 (5 active) 8
  RS Quests 2* 4 (5 active) 6
  2.4 Meter** 1 1 (1 active) 2
  Hobie Waves 1 4 (11 active) 12
  Hobie 16s (285lbs min.) 2 4 (0 active) 3
  Windsurf Boards*** 1 1 (2 active) 6
Paddling   Hobie Kayaks (sit-on-top) 1 (Single) 2 (Double) 15
  Stand up Paddleboards
1 2 kids 16

*RS Quests can be singlehanded in Open Boating if the open boater can demonstrate that they can safely launch and retrieve the boat, and capsize recover w/o assistance.

**Sail Sand Point has 2.4 meter sailboats available to Open Boaters with varying levels of mobility. You must call ahead in order to request the use of a 2.4mR.

***Please see the Windsurfing page for info about Sail Sand Point’s windsurfing program.

Sail Sand Point strives to keep all of our equipment in the best condition possible. Boats may be temporarily unavailable if they are undergoing maintenance. Additionally certain boats are reserved for classes during certain time slots. If you have further questions please call and talk to our dockmaster about a particular boat’s status.