Open Boating


Starting in 2021, SSP has a new reservation online system. As a returning user, you now have the ability to sign into your Open Boating account, view boat availability on the day of your choice, and make a reservation. With this new system take note:

  • No walk ups will be accepted on the weekends, or if there is not boat availability, so please reserve in advance!
  • Each account may reserve up to 3 sessions at a time. We request that you limit yourself to one reservation per day.
  • Passes are only for sale in person at SSP, if your pass is expired, or you do not have one, you can still reserve!
  • If you need to take a new skills test to gain access to a sailboat, please schedule one in advance here.
  • Skills upgrades (certifying you on the next wind increment will be administered as needed during your visit).


Returning user and first time logging in? Press the button above to access the site, select ‘Sail Sand Point,’ and ‘register as a new user.’ Create an account with the email address you have on file with SSP. After verifying your email, you may view boat availability in addition to the boat’s you are check out to use and any valid passes. If you are a returning user but your email does not appear linked to your account, or if you are experiencing login issues please contact the Open Boating desk at


New user and first time logging in? Press the button above to access the site, select ‘Sail Sand Point’ and ‘register as a new user.’ Create an account. After verifying your email, you will have access to immediately reserve paddlecraft. Sign up for a skills test if you would like to reserve a sailboat.


Please only reserve a session if you plan to come. If you must cancel we ask that you do so far in advance by pushing the “Red X” next to your reservation, or calling the Dockmaster during Open Boating hours at 206-525-8782.


Click here to:


Arrival and signing out your boat

  1. Proceed directly to the Dockmaster’s desk in the main garage bay to check in. If you need to purchase a pass or pay for your session, payment will be collected at this time.
  2. The Dockmaster will ensure that you and your party all have an electronically signed SSP Participant Agreement prior to arrival, if not you will be asked to complete these either on your mobile device at one of our waiver kiosks. Please note that ALL children and adults participating in SSP programs must have a current participant agreement signed before participating.
  3. Complete a temperature and symptoms check as directed before leaving the dockmaster area.
  4. Proceed to rig and launch your boat, if you need to perform a skills check, the open boating instructor will give you further instruction.


Returning to shore and signing in

  1. Masks must be worn when onshore
  2. De-rig and return your boat to its previous location
  3. Check back in at the Dockmaster desk so we know you have returned safely



COVID-19 Specific Facility Considerations

  • Bathroom and changing facilities are available for use at your own risk, but the showers are not available at this time
  • Do not occupy indoors spaces at Sail Sand Point. Limit time in the sail room and other storage areas to a minimum and practice ‘one-in, one-out’
  • Loaner gear will not be accessible. Bring your own gear to stay warm and dry
  • Lifejackets are still required, it is highly recommended that you bring your own type III PFD. There will be a limited supply of cleaned and disinfected loaner life jackets available for your party
  • The lockers, and key storage station will be available



COVID-19 Specific Rental Conditions

  • All standard Open Boating Rules apply (see below), additionally:
  • As of now, only one reservation can be active on a users account at a time. 
  • All participants must be understand, agree to, and abide by SSPs COVID-19 specific Participant Code of Conduct, which includes:
    • Maintain physical distancing: stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) from staff, other users, and park goers, or anyone else who is not in your party
    • Do not loiter or gather in groups, stay out of crowded places and avoid mass gatherings
    • Do not participate if I have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to COVID-19 within the last 14 days
    • You must wear a face covering when on land, but may remove it when on the water
    • Washing your hands throughout the day and carry hand sanitizer



Open Boating Rules

  • You (and everyone in your party) must wear a zipped life jacket
  • You (and everyone in your party) must complete a SSP Participant Agreement
  • No landing anywhere but SSP
  • No drugs, marijuna, or alcohol
  • Return everything where it belongs
  • Check in & out with the Dockmaster
  • Children under 14 must have a parent on site
  • Stay within our boundaries
  • Renter must be onboard
  • Take care of equipment – You are responsible for damage
  • Break a rule, you get a strike – Three strikes you may not rent for the rest of the season



See you soon!