Rozalia Project To Reveal the Depths of Lake Washington

On Thursday October 10th, the Rozalia Project will be at Sail Sand Point using Hector the Collector (a ROV-remotely operated vehicle) to  show live video of what lurks on the bottom of Lake Washington.

Rozalia Project, an east coast based program, uses Hector to raise awareness about and reduce debris in lakes, oceans, rivers and waterways. The ROV shows the surface floor using a combination of VideoRay technology & sonar. Once debris has been located, the ROV can be manipulated to able to grab beverage cans, plastic bags and other solid contaminants and remove them from the water.

At 3:30pm, SSP’s youth race teams will have the opportunity to launch Hector and explore the depths of Lake Washington. At 6pm there will be a presentation of Hector’s findings open to the general public (free).  Program Founder Rachel Miller will be on hand to discuss their findings and how it fits into Rozalia Project’s mission of cleaning our waterways through the use of action, technology, education and research.

Additional information about the Rozalia Project’s mission and programs can be found on their website