Nino Johnson Named US Sailing’s Outstanding Program Director

Nino Johnson has made formative contributions to the Sail Sand Point’s (Seattle, Wash.) youth community by creating pathways for students that guide them from beginner sailor to well-rounded young adults. Many of these students return year after year as summer campers, as volunteers and sometimes as instructors. He has proven himself capable, talented and passionate, and his dedication extends not only to learn-to-sail programs but also high school, middle school and college race teams.

Those who know Nino well understand that he works incredibly hard, often staying in the office late to ensure that the high school sailors are ready for their next regatta or that the facility is prepared to host regattas with hundreds of participants. He is passionate about inclusivity, taking extra care to empower his minority students and young women. His care and diplomacy have inspired a high-school sailing program with an extremely high percentage of women sailors.

Under Johnson’s purview, Sail Sand Point’s outreach program provides access to sailing for underprivileged populations who might not otherwise have the opportunity. Since 2014, Sail Sand Point’s outreach program has grown by over 400 participants.

His leadership and mentorship have taken many forms during his tenure at Sail Sand Point. Through his hard work and dedication, he has inspired those around him, maintaining the highest standards of integrity and providing support while providing wisdom and guidance along the way.

Congratulations, Nino!