Update: Registration for auction bid numbers will begin at 11am Sunday in the Sail Sand Point office. In order to register, participants must be 18 years old and provide a VISA or MasterCard number. Bidders who are present when the auction closes at 3pm will have the option to pay with cash or check. Winning bidders who are not present when the auction closes will have the total charged to the credit card number they provided.  Winning bidders must remove all boats & trailers that they have purchased from Sail Sand Point by 5pm on Monday April 29. For additional information see attached Silent Auction Rules & Regulations 2013
Are you in the market for a low cost fixer upper? Would you rather have a boat to mess around in and run up on the beach, than something shiny and fresh off the truck?  If you answered yes to these questions, SSP’s Boat Auction is for you!
Some of the boats at the auction have been donated to SSP for the purpose of being sold to support our programs, while others have been abandoned in the storage yard.
Following is a list of boats that will be auctioned:
Hobie 20 – update, this boat is no longer available for auction
Nacra 5.8 with trailer and sails, turn key – starting bid $1500
(3) Hobie 16s, turn key – starting bid $400 (for each)
Trailers for Hobie 16s – starting bid $100-$300
SolCat with trailer and sails, turn key – starting bid $500
Hobie 17 with trailer, turn key – starting bid $1500
Force 5, no rig – starting bid $150
Flying Fish with trailer, turn key -starting bid $500
Bongo with dolly, turn key – starting bid $4500
Northwest 21 (keelboat), turn key -starting bid $2200
Flying Scott “Albatross” with trailer, turn key – starting bid $2800
Laser 2 with dolly, no sails – starting bid $400
Please note: SSP reserves the right to make adjustments to the boats & trailers to be included in the auction, as well as starting bids, prior to April 21.  Any changes will be noted in the above list asap. Photos of most boats can be seen on SSP’s facebook page.
Questions? Contact kim@sailsandpoint.org.