Group Types

Bring your company to Sail Sand Point for team bonding with our Groups Program! Host your child’s birthday party on the lake, or get the family together for a reunion and sailing lesson! You can even schedule a field trip your students will never forget. SSP’s group programs are customized to your group’s unique goal for the day – whether that be STEM, a scavenger hunt, or just fun on the lake!

Sail Sand Point is excited to roll out our NEW groups program! Please look at the group flier on the right side of this page for more information.

You might be wondering, what kind of group am I? Take a look below to know your new category!

You might be a Leeway Group if you are a nonprofit that primarily serves youth and adults who might not have the social or economic resources to discover the joy of sailing and small boats. SSP offers scholarships to Leeway groups so they can fully participate in what can often be a sport only for the privileged. The goal of our Leeway Program is to break down the traditional barriers to sailing and on-the-water recreation activities, so that anyone can experience the sense of freedom, responsibility, and passion that sailing brings.

First Mate partners include community organizations such as Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA branches, and community centers. These groups often schedule time in half or full day increments during our summer camp season.

Bowline Groups are our public and private school partners. Whether you’re bringing elementary, middle, high school or even college sailors, our Fender sessions teach skills that students can use inside and outside the classroom!

Fender Groups are our corporate and private clients. They support SSP’s mission and join in the fun participating in team building, retirement parties, and birthday celebrations.

Please email  if you have questions or for information on scheduling a group program.