Boat Yard Rates

Sail Sand Point uses six-month access agreements (October-March, and April-September). Agreements are emailed at the end of each period, and due back with payment by the 15th of the first month of the agreement.

Our boat yard access fee is based on square footage. The rate is the same for all types of watercraft.

Semiannual fee calculation (Amount due every six months, multiply by 2 to calculate annual rates):

  • Length (in feet) x Width (in feet) x $3.00
  • Minimum of $95.00 per primary boat
  • Plus a $10.00 admin fee per primary boat

The length and width cover the entire storage footprint, including the trailer or any other equipment. You may stack up to 2 additional watercraft on top of your primary boat for only $20/year per additional watercraft! For example, you may store a kayak on top of your sailboat, or stack a Laser on top of your catamaran, as long as the additional boat stays within the footprint.

Locker Fee

Sail Sand Point’s has a limited number of storage lockers available for current boat storage users, and access to a locker is granted based on availability. Locker access is covered under the same agreement period as boat storage, and your locker fee will be included on the boat yard access agreement and due at the same time as the boat yard payment. The annual locker access fee is $200.00.