Annual Report

Each year as programs come to a close, SSP staff create an annual report to share the highlights of the year. Please see below for links for current and past reports.

Strategic Plan

SSP’s Strategic Plan sets out long-term goals and plans for Sail Sand Point to carry out. We always welcome feedback from our community; please contact the office if you have comments or concerns about this Strategic Plan or our programs.  The Strategic Plan is linked here as a PDF: SSP Strategic Plan 2021

Our Values

Be an Inclusive and Welcoming Community:  SSP seeks to provide a vibrant sailing and small boat community where people come together and enjoy the benefits of being on the water.

Teach Life Skills:  We believe that sailing and small boats provide a fun opportunity to teach life skills including nurturing self-confidence, leadership, teamwork and lifelong learning.

Set Safety as a Top Priority: Safety will always be of highest priority in all we do including training our staff, maintaining our equipment and teaching participants in our programs.

Foster Youth Learning:  SSP will strive to excite youth to become skilled and independent early in life, giving them a chance to develop confidence and leadership skills, become involved in the community and experience the joy of being on the water for years to come.

Provide Affordable Access to the Water:  We seek to keep our programs affordable and strive to not turn anyone away for lack of financial resources.

Reach Out to the Disadvantaged: Our goal is to provide access to boating for all and we place particular emphasis on reaching out to serve adults and youth of various physical and mental abilities and cultural backgrounds.

Seek to Protect the Environment: We highly value a healthy aquatic environment and seek to minimize the environmental impact of our programs and embed awareness of the need to continually improve and protect the environment in our programs.