Racing Dues

Please submit dues below by entering the sailor’s name, and hit pay now. You can either use an existing paypal account or pay by credit card without an account.


Fall dues are $125 for HS sailing and $95 for MS sailing. There is a ‘plus $20’ option that adds an additional $20 dollars to the sailor’s dues. This is a completely voluntary extra contribution that will go towards helping offset scholarships awarded to teammates. The dues amount is completely up to each family and will in no way change a sailor’s standing or opportunities on the team. Thanks for helping out the program!

  • Sail Sand Point is proud to offer full scholarships to any youth racing participants in need. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please print out the Youth Racing Scholarship Application, follow the instructions, and return it to the office.
  • Race team dues will be collected during each practice season (spring, summer, fall)


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