This is a new, volunteer run program at SSP. We are starting a windsurfing school and system to check out windsurfing equipment for sailing during open boating hours.

Windsurfing SSP
What equipment is there?
We have equipment for learning and sailing in light to moderate wind on  the lake.  As of mid August, there are 5 boards and 4 sail rigs. 2 sails are hung up in the paddleboard building by the water.

How do I get checked out to use the equipment?

The checkout process is similar as for SSP dingy checkouts, but tuned a bit for windsurfing.

  • Set up the rig, attach to board, launch on the water.
  • Up haul, sail away from beach upwind.
  • Tack several times. Falling or dropping sail is ok, so long as you can successfully reverse course.
  • Demonstrate sailing upwind on both tacks.
  • Sail off the wind on both tacks.
  • Jibing is not required.
  • Return to beach and stow rig on beach

When can I get checked out?
Send an email to to coordinate a time. One of the volunteers needs to be there.

How much does it cost?

Cost:  $50/season (unless you already have a $250 unlimited boat use pass).  We are pro-rating the cost for the 2016 season (pricing tbd).

What are the rules for using the equipment?

  • All SSP safety rules apply.
  • No sailing in southerly if greater than 10 knots.
  • Wear life jacket.
  • Only windsurf during open boating hours.
  • Don’t sail further east than Magnuson Park point.
  • Put all gear back the way you found it (even a little better)
  • Parent must be present for kids less than 14 years old.
What equipment do you need? How can I donate or get involved?
We are looking for complete sail rigs (mast, sail, boom), and large volume boards for teaching.

Are there classes?

Yes. We teach classes for adult and youth beginners and have clinics for lake sailing. The teachers are volunteers. We cover some windsurfing/sailing theory, safety, staying upwind, tacking, jibing and rigging. The classes range from 1-3 days long. Shorter classes cover pivot tack. In follow-up sessions we cover sailing tacks and jibing in light winds. These classes also cover checkouts for beginners (it may take up to 3 classes to get checked out depending on your ability level entering the class). Classes are typically 2-3 hours long.

See the calendar below for the schedule.

Questions? Email