Sail Sand Point is proud to debut our windsurfing program! Thanks to the hard work of volunteers and staff, we will be offering a five-hour intro to windsurfing class as well as equipment rental in our Open Boating program.

Want to sign up for an Intro to Windsurfing class? Find schedule and sign up on our registration website. Classes include two 2.5 hour sessions. They will cover some windsurfing/sailing theory, safety, staying upwind, tacking, jibing and rigging. The goal is to provide a well-rounded introduction to windsurfing, while moving students towards being able to independently windsurf. Some students will be ready to pass the skills test by the end of the class. The class costs $80 and has a capacity of 4 students.

As an experienced windsurfer, how do I get checked out to use the equipment?

The checkout process is similar as for SSP dingy checkouts, but tuned a bit for windsurfing.

  • Select appropriate sail and board for skill level, wind conditions, and body weight
  • Appropriately carry equipment to carpet or beach
  • Set up or check over the rig, attach to board, get it in the water appropriately without damaging equipment
  • Demonstrate ability to stabilize sail on back of board, out of the water, and paddle upwind 25 yards
  • Up haul, sail away from beach, heading upwind
  • Tack 2-3 times. Falling or dropping sail is okay, so long as you can successfully reverse course and overall gain ground to windward
  • Demonstrate sailing upwind on both tacks. (+-50 yards of each tack)
  • Sail off the wind on both tacks
  • Jibing is not required
  • Return to beach and stow rig on beach (or carpet)

When can I get checked out?
Send an email to to coordinate a time during Open Boating that a qualified instructor will be on hand to administer the Skills Test. While this program is in the pilot stage, we are working on training all of our staff to maximize possible hours.

What are the rules for using the equipment?

  • All SSP open boating rules apply.
  • Windsurfing in southerly only at discretion of the Open Boating instructor.
  • Wear a life jacket at all times.
  • Equipment usage is only available during open boating hours or during class.
  • Don’t sail further east than NOAA point (large tree visible from SSP).
  • Put all gear back the way you found it (or even a little better!)
  • Parent must be present on site for kids < 14 years old
What equipment do you need? How can I donate or get involved?

We are looking for complete sail rigs (mast, sail, boom), and large volume boards for teaching.

Questions? Email