Skills Proficiency Test

New sailors at Sail Sand Point must pass a Skills Proficiency Test facilitated by an instructor before using sailboats. Separate skills tests must be performed for each type of sailboat, as well as for different wind conditions, varying from light wind to heavy wind. Skills tests are conducted based on instructor availability and may sometimes be limited due to volume of skills tests currently being performed and weather, so please plan accordingly. Feel free to call ahead to see what availability is like. Skippers who are not ready to complete a skills test can sign up for one of our classes, private lessons, or take a refresher course.

Some common clarifications:

  • Only the skipper needs to pass the skills test (not crew).
  • Skills tests can be taken during Open Boating hours, based on staff availability.
  • Skills tests are for 5 knot increments of wind speed up to 20 knots.  Sailors are checked out at the wind speed when they take the test, and anything lighter.  In order to take the boat out in stronger winds, sailors must complete the skills test again including the capsize portion.
  • Skills tests are FREE.
  • Participants under the age of 14 must have a parent or guardian present to participate in Open Boating. The parent or guardian can be on the same watercraft as the child, a different watercraft on the water, or on land.

Sailboat Skills Test Steps

  1. Rig the boat without assistance
  2. Leave the dock safely
  3. Sail upwind (with 2-3 tacks)
  4. Sail downwind (with 2-3 gybes)
  5. Capsize and recovery (no dry capsizing)
  6. Return to the dock safely

 After passing all parts of the Skills Test, it’s time to sail!