Rentals (Open Boating)

Sail Sand Point is pleased to open our facility to qualified sailors and paddlers through our Open Boating program. Open Boating is an opportunity for anyone from the community to use boats from our fleet when they are not being used in other programs.

Sailors who demonstrate proficiency can check out a sailboat with a season pass or pay by the hour. Kayaks and stand up paddleboards (SUPs) are available to rent without a skills proficiency test.

The goal of Open Boating is to introduce people to Sail Sand Point, allow anyone to get on the water in an easily accessible and affordable way, and we hope that Open Boating users will become part of our community, helping us realize our mission of providing water access to all.

Open Boating Steps

  1. Fill out a waiver
  2. Familiarize yourself with the rules below
  3. Get a season pass or rent by the hour
  4. Pass a skills test


  1. Each participant must have a waiver on file for the current calendar year. If the participant is under 18, the waiver must be signed by their parent or legal guardian prior to using our boats – no exceptions!
  2. All Open Boating participants are required to wear a zipped life jacket at all times.
  3. No landing the boat anywhere but at SSP.
  4. No drugs, marijuana, or alcohol anytime or anywhere.
  5. Check all equipment in and out with the dockmaster.
  6. Children under 14 need a parent on site at all times.
  7. SSP maintains specific boundaries on Lake Washington for safety reasons. Please be aware of the boundaries before getting on the water.
  8. The renter must always be onboard the boat they have rented.
  9. Take care of the equipment – you will be responsible for any damage.
  10. We do not take reservations. All rentals are on a first come, first serve basis. Boat use is limited to two hours at a time if there is a wait list.