Rentals (Open Boating)


Updated Rental Information (10-9-2020)

Please read thoroughly: Open Boating is open with key changes and restrictions in place to protect the health of our community. All users must strictly adhere to SSP’s COVID specific Participant Code of Conduct for 2020 while on-site. Users are encouraged to reserve a boat/sailing time in advance. Note that we are NOT renting out kayaks or paddle boards and remain in our 3rd stage of reopened status (see below)

October Open Boating hours (beginning October 3rd):
Reservation sessions at: 1pm, 3pm, and 4:30pm to close

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday:  1:00p-close (6:30p or sunset)
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:  Closed


Open Boating Steps (During STAGE THREE)

How to Reserve a Sailing time:

Open Boating is open to current pass holders, and hourly rentals (beginning October 3rd). If you purchased a pass in 2019 after July 5th, your pass will be valid throughout calendar year 2020. 

  1. Call us at (206) 525-8782, or stop by in person, after 11am and speak with the dockmaster to sign up for an establish sailing session on the boat of your choice (if available)
  2. Sessions: First Session Second Session Third Session
    1pm-3pm 3pm-4:30pm 4:30pm-close
  3. Alternatively, walk up during Open Boating hours and see if there is a session currently available, if not, you can sign up for a future slot, and you will be asked to return later
  4. The dockmaster will check your pass and skill status and ensure they are valid before putting your name down for a session
  5. If you do not have skills on the boat, staff will attempt to sign you up for one of our skills test sessions (limited availability)
Preparing for your Visit:
  1. If you own Type III Coast Guard approved life jackets, please bring them for you and your family/guests (household guests only)
  2. Everyone in your party must wear a face mask at all time when on onsite (can be removed when you are on the lake)
  3. Bring your own wetsuits/spray gear, SSP will not provide loaner gear at this time
  4. There will be no storage at SSP for any personal items so bring only what you need
  5. Check the weather, and ensure that it is a good sailing day for you and your party, see the modified rental conditions below
Arrival and Signing out your boat:
  1. When arriving onsite, proceed like you would rent a boat normally by approaching the Dockmaster desk. Ensure you and everyone in your party are adhering to the Participant Code of Conduct when interacting with staff
  2. If you arranged a session in advance, notify the Dockmaster, otherwise you can ask if there are any boats available on-demand
  3. The Dockmaster will ensure that you and your party all have an electronically signed SSP Participant Agreement on file (if not a link will be provided and this form can be filled out on a mobile device)
  4. Proceed to rig and launch your boat as quickly and orderly as possible, please do not loiter on the beach or docks
Returning to Shore and Signing in:
  1. Masks must be worn when onshore
  2. De-rig and return your boat to its previous location
  3. Check back in at the Dockmaster desk so we know you have returned safely

COVID-19 Specific Facility Considerations (During STAGE THREE)

  • Bathroom and changing facilities are available for use at your own risk, but the showers are not available at this time
  • Do not occupy indoors spaces at Sail Sand Point. Limit time in the sail room and other storage areas to a minimum and practice ‘one-in, one-out’
  • Loaner gear will not be accessible. Bring your own gear to stay warm and dry
  • Lifejackets are still required, it is highly recommended that you bring your own type III PFD. There will be a limited supply of cleaned and disinfected loaner life jackets available for your party
  • The lockers, and phone/key check in station are not available at this time, so plan to stow your gear in your vehicle or only bring what you need to go sailing.

COVID-19 Specific Rental Conditions (During STAGE THREE)

  • All standard Open Boating Rules apply (see below), additionally:
  • No paddling equipment or hourly rentals are available at this time
  • Boats will not go out in conditions above 15 mph. Open Boating staff reserve the right to limit boat usage based on weather conditions
  • New skills checks may now be preformed, but must be scheduled ahead of time by phone. Users may be administered a skills check to up their wind level if deemed an appropriate by the Open Boating Instructor
  • All participants must be understand, agree to, and abide by SSPs COVID-19 specific Participant Code of Conduct, which includes:
    • Maintain physical distancing: stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) from staff, other users, and park goers, or anyone else who is not in your party
    • Do not loiter or gather in groups, stay out of crowded places and avoid mass gatherings
    • Do not participate if I have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to COVID-19 within the last 14 days
    • You must wear a face covering when on land, but may remove it when on the water
    • Washing your hands throughout the day and carry hand sanitizer

Open Boating Rules

  • You (and everyone in your party) must wear a zipped life jacket
  • You (and everyone in your party) must complete a SSP Participant Agreement
  • No landing anywhere but SSP
  • No drugs, marijuna, or alcohol
  • Return everything where it belongs
  • Check in & out with the Dockmaster
  • Children under 14 must have a parent on site
  • Stay within our boundaries
  • Renter must be onboard
  • Take care of equipment – You are responsible for damage
  • Break a rule, you get a strike – Three strikes you may not rent for the rest of the season
SSP Open Boating Reopening Plan

STAGE ONE (June 8-July 5): Trial run with limited boats and hours, reservations on a two-week rotating basis
Boats available: Hobie Waves, RS Quests, FJs

STAGE TWO (July 6-31): Open Boating resumes with some boat, wind and date restrictions and by reservation to pass holders only
Boats available: Hobie Waves, RS Quests, FJs, Lasers, Optis

STAGE 2.5 (August 3-September 30): Limited skills checks resume, with all stage two guidelines/restrictions above remaining in place
Boats available: Hobie Waves, RS Quests, FJs, Lasers, Optis

STAGE THREE (October 3-26): Open Boating resumes weekend rentals by reservation for pass holders and hourly rentals
Boats available: Hobie Waves, RS Quests, FJs, Optis, Lasers, Windsurfers

STAGE FOUR (Date TBD, 2021): Open Boating resumes all boats available
Boats available: Hobie Waves, Hobie 16s, RS Quests, FJs, Optis, Lasers, Windsurfers, SUPS, Kayaks