Shipmates Program


What is Shipmates?

Shipmates is a mission based program that provides groups of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds the unique opportunity to get out on the water sailing, paddling, and exploring our marine environment in a safe and supportive atmosphere. The goal of Shipmates is to break down the traditional barriers to sailing and on-the-water recreation activities, so that anyone can experience the sense of freedom, responsibility, joy, and passion for sailing that come from working together as shipmates to handle a boat.

Sail Sand Point uses educational and teambuilding activities that include hands-on learning, collaboration, and environmental stewardship to help participants build self-confidence and leadership skills that contribute to a lifetime of success. We partner with organizations and groups in the greater Seattle area to bring a wide range of participants down to explore the lake and experience their city from an entirely new perspective.

These one-day programs include the boats and equipment, instruction for sailing or paddling, optional marine science activities, and fun-filled day on the lake!


Program Options

We offer several different options for Shipmates programs, and we are always happy to work with a group to create a custom program to meet their needs and goals. Your one-day program can include sailing on Hobie Waves, paddling on stand up paddleboards or kayaks, or marine science activities that relate to the water, wind, and our environment – or a combination of all three!

A sailing program will teach the participants basic sailing knowledge and skills as well as on-the-water safety, and then use their newly discovered ability to sail to explore the lake and chart new waters. Paddling programs teach important boating and water safety concepts, as well as how to balance and control the board or kayak, and then take off exploring the lake or working together to compete in friendly relay races.

Shipmates is also designed to incorporate our marine science activities to offer hands-on learning opportunities and different ways to connect real-world concepts to the importance of science, math, and the environment. Please contact us for a full list of science activities available.



The Shipmates Program is designed to give people from all backgrounds the opportunity to have this unique experience, so our price structure simply covers our staff, equipment, supplies, and planning time. Sail Sand Point is proud to say that we have never let financial limitations exclude someone from playing and learning on the water. For groups with financial limitations, we encourage you to apply for a scholarship, which can be done at the time of your scheduling request.

Number of Participants Number of SSP Staff Minimum Number of Chaperones Group Price With 25% Scholarship With 50% Scholarship Full Scholarship
8-16 2 1-2 $220 $165 $110 FREE
17-25 3 2-3 $290 $217.50 $145 FREE
26-35* 4 3-4 $400 $300 $200 FREE

*Sail Sand Point may be able to accommodate group sizes of 35+ upon prior request and approval and based on equipment availability.



For groups that may not be able to afford to full price of the program, we offer scholarships ranging from 25% up to the full cost. Scholarships can be requested when you complete our Shipmates Application to request program dates. Groups requesting a scholarship are asked to disclose the per child or per day activity budget at the time of the scholarship request and an explanation of how your group will benefit from being awarded a scholarship to participate in Shipmates.


Ready to be a Shipmate? Apply here!


To learn more, please contact the office at (206) 525-8782 or email

Sail Sand Point is also happy to accommodate private or corporate group events. Please visit the Private Lessons and Groups page to learn more.