Adult Classes

You can become a sailor at any age! Sail Sand Point offers classes for beginning through advanced adult sailors. Classes are taught by US Sailing Level 1 certified Instructors, and they cover the skills needed to rig and sail various types of boats, as well as practicing boating safety skills and becoming familiar with boating terminology. Classes include a variety of on-the-water and on-shore activities to learn, develop, and hone safe and fun sailing and boating skills!

*See descriptions of the camps below or view our 2018 Program Book to see the camp descriptions and schedule. Registration opens February 1st at noon PST. 

Adult Class Scholarships

Sail Sand Point is dedicated to making sailing accessible and affordable to everyone. Consider applying if you are hesitant about the cost of classes, would like to attend several classes, are a student, or if a scholarship would generally help you attend classes. To apply for a scholarship, please fill out the application below and return to the SSP office via mail or email. The application does not require detailed financial information.

Hobie Wave Experience – Ages 14+

This class is a quick introduction to sailing the Hobie Wave, also known as the “sailboat with training wheels.” This repeatable 2-hour course will give people a taste of small boat sailing on a simple and safe platform. Our goal with this class is to provide adventurous folks an inexpensive opportunity to sail and potentially pass the skills proficiency test after just a class or two. Once you pass the skills test you can continue to sail and grow on your own outside of class. We will cover basic sailing theory, tacking and gybing, rigging, and capsizing on the 14’ Hobie Wave catamaran. If there is no wind we will take to the water on paddleboards and/or kayaks.

Adult Sailing 101: Sailing Basics

This is the course to start with if you have little or no prior experience sailing small boats. This 10 hour course will be taught on a 14’ RS Quest with 2-3 students per boat and begin to develop the skills required to successfully sail independently. Topics covered include applicable knots, rigging, assessing the wind and weather conditions, tacking and gybing, capsizing, and docking. Approximately half of the course is taught in the classroom and half is on the water. Students will be exposed to all of the skills needed to rent these boats independently at SSP and the skills test can be administered individually outside of class when students feel ready.  Included with the course is a copy of Learn Sailing Right: Beginning Sailing by US Sailing.

This class meets Tuesday and Thursday evenings for two weeks OR two consecutive weekend afternoons. Please check the dates carefully when selecting your session.

Adult Sailing 102: FJ Sailing

This is a course designed for sailors who have either taken Adult Sailing 101 or have previous experience sailing small boats. Students should have a good grasp of the basics and will build on these concepts in the Flying Junior, a double-handed performance sailboat. This 10 hour course will spend less time in the classroom and more time sailing. Skills learned in this class should enable students to participate in very casual Monday night races at SSP, or simply build comfort level for cruising the lake. Topics covered will include wind awareness, tacking angles/laylines, light wind/heavy wind skills, and right of way.  This class may also utilize Hobie catamarans or Lasers depending on class size and wind conditions. Students should possess a level of balance and fitness appropriate to sailing and capsizing these small boats.This class meets Tuesday and Thursday evenings for two weeks OR two consecutive weekend afternoons. Please check the dates carefully when selecting your session.

Adult Keelboat Sailing 

This class provides the opportunity to sail on a performance keelboat as part of a cohesive crew. Come experience the Laser SB3 or our J/24 with an instructor by your side. Sailors will get a chance to try all positions onboard including skipper! This is your opportunity to experience flying spinnakers and learn the complex mechanisms for sail and rig trim on performance keelboats. Students should have taken the Adult Sailing 101 class or have comparable sailing experience. This class meets for one weekend on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Adult Laser 

The laser is a classic platform for small boat sailing; it is the most prolific one-person sailboat in the world. This class will teach you everything you need to know to sail our fleet of lasers independently. We will cover rigging the boat, proper balance and hiking, tips on important moves such as the hand-exchange, and basic racing concepts so you can race casually with us on Monday nights! Students should possess the balance and fitness to effectively sail and capsize these small tippy boats. Students also are expected to have taken Adult 102 or have comparable experience sailing small boats. This class meets for one weekend on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Adult Hobie 16

Hobie 16s are the fastest boats at Sail Sand Point. With an abundance of power, you can expect to enjoy a wet and wild ride. In this course we will cover rigging and launching, using the harness and trapeze wire, and the unique physics that make this boat go fast. Take this 7-hour weekend course to get checked out on the boat and get your trapeze endorsement so you can fly across the water all season long. Students should have taken Adult Sailing 102 or have comparable sailing experience. This class meets for two consecutive weekend afternoon. 

Adult Windsurfing

This class provides an opportunity to learn the basics of Windsurfing. The 5 hour course ( two 2.5 hour classes) taught on Tuesday and Thursday will cover sailing theory, safety, staying up wind, tacking, jibing, and rigging. This class is taught by experienced volunteers who will teach you what you need to know to get checked out and windsurf independently. The goal is to provide a well-rounded introduction to windsurfing, while moving students towards being able to independently windsurf. Some students will be ready to pass the skills test by the end of the class. The class costs $80 and has a capacity of 6 students.

Refresher Lessons

For those with previous sailing experience who want to rent one of SSP’s boats, but may need to get up to speed on the rigging, specifics of the boats, or have not been on the water in a while, SSP offers FREE 60-minute Refresher Lessons to get you ready for a Skills Proficiency Test. These lessons will cover rigging and boat-specific sailing tips. Lessons are offered for Flying Juniors, Lasers and Hobie 16s. 

These classes are held during Open Boating hours on weekends from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The schedule can be found on the Refresher Lesson page.

We also offer private lessons as an alternative to group classes and refreshers for those who may desire a more 1-on-1 learning environment or who would like more in-depth instruction and sailing time with an instructor.

Cancellation Policy:

Registrations that are cancelled more than 4 weeks before the first day of class will be refunded, less a $25 processing fee. Registrations cancelled within 4 weeks of the first day of class will only be refunded if SSP is able to fill the vacated spot, less a $25 processing fee. No refunds will be issued once a class has started. SSP reserves the right to cancel programs that do not meet the minimum number of participants, and will attempt to place participants in an alternate program or, if unable, will issue a refund. (Excludes Hobie Wave Experience)

Gift Certificates Available!

Do you know someone who is interested in learning to sail? We have gift certificates available for every class! Email for more information, or swing by our office.