Strategic Plan & Annual Report


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Strategic Plan

Drafted in 2016, SSP’s Strategic Plan sets out long-term goals and plans for Sail Sand Point to carry out. We always welcome feedback from our community; please contact the office if you have comments or concerns about this Strategic Plan or our programs.  The Strategic Plan is listed below, but may also be opened as a PDF for downloading and easy access- SSP Strategic Plan PDF.


Who We Are

Sail Sand Point is a nonprofit community boating center serving greater Seattle and the Pacific Northwest region.  We are a vibrant sailing and small boat community where people of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds experience the joy and learn the life-enhancing benefits of sailing and being on the water.


Mission Statement

Sail Sand Point’s mission is to bring the joy and life-enhancing benefits of sailing and small boats to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.


Values Statement

Be an Inclusive and Welcoming Community:  SSP seeks to provide a vibrant sailing and small boat community where people come together and enjoy the benefits of being on the water.

Teach Life Skills:  We believe that sailing and small boats provide a fun opportunity to teach life skills including nurturing self-confidence, leadership, teamwork and lifelong learning.

Set Safety as a Top Priority: Safety will always be of highest priority in all we do including training our staff, maintaining our equipment and teaching participants in our programs.

Foster Youth Learning:  SSP will strive to excite youth to become skilled and independent early in life, giving them a chance to develop confidence and leadership skills, become involved in the community and experience the joy of being on the water for years to come.

Provide Affordable Access to the Water:  We seek to keep our programs affordable and strive to not turn anyone away for lack of financial resources.

Reach Out to the Disadvantaged: Our goal is to provide access to boating for all and we place particular emphasis on reaching out to serve adults and youth of various physical and mental abilities and cultural backgrounds.

Seek to Protect the Environment: We highly value a healthy aquatic environment and seek to minimize the environmental impact of our programs and embed awareness of the need to continually improve and protect the environment in our programs.    


Vision Statement

Sail Sand Point will be known throughout the Northwest as a welcoming and vibrant hub of community boating in the Seattle area. Sail Sand Point will enrich greater Seattle’s community and protect its aquatic environment.

Sail Sand Point will remove barriers to boating in the greater Seattle area, and be available as a home for small boat sailing and non-motorized boating to all members of our diverse community. In order to benefit the health and well-being of the public, we will ensure easy and affordable access to boating for all, regardless of physical and mental ability.

Sail Sand Point will be recognized nationally as a model for youth boating programs. We will provide world class sailing instruction to youth sailors of all abilities. Our education programs will be recognized for excellence and will help youth reach potentials they never knew they had. Youth who participate in Sail Sand Point programs will become lifelong learners and good stewards of our aquatic environment.


Overall Strategic Direction

Sail Sand Point has been very successful and has experienced a significant increase in children and adults participating in its programs over the years. It is our goal for Sail Sand Point to be recognized as the premier community small boating center in the NW. Having low cost, easily accessible programs allows for opportunities to expand and extend our benefit to the community. While we are proud of the progress we have made in fulfilling our Mission and Vision, now is the time to secure our future by strengthening our organizational infrastructure and building stronger bonds with the community.

Our highest priority strategic goals are:

Goal #1: Ensure Financial and Organizational Sustainability

To ensure our long-term stability, SSP will pursue the following strategies:

  1. Complete this strategic plan and create a 3-year business and financial plan.
  2. Continue to improve the overall organizational, administrative and reporting systems.
  3. Develop and Implement a long-term strategy to seek new forms of funding including pursuing more grants and private donations.


Goal #2: Increase Volunteerism and Community Partnerships

One of SSP’s goals will be to connect with more volunteers, develop more partnerships and create positive relationships with community leaders. Our strategies will include:

  1. Increase the number of active volunteers at SSP and improve our systems to ensure volunteer time is used effectively.
  2. Improve collaboration with decision makers at the Park, City, County, and State level.
  3. Develop strong partnerships with:
    • The sailing community
    • Other nonprofit organizations meeting the needs of the underserved
    • Magnuson Park organizations


Goal 3: Increase Public Awareness

Our goal will be to provide greater awareness of SSP programs and their value to the community. Our specific strategies will be:

  1. Develop marketing materials that provide a consistent brand, highlight our distinctive programs and establish a clear message of who we are and what we are trying to accomplish.
  2. Develop talking points about SSP and train staff and volunteers to speak with a common voice.
  3. Seek opportunities for SSP to reach out to the community through participation in community groups and events.


Goal #4: Continually Improve Programs

SSP has developed a very strong high quality set of programs that have become very popular among participants. There will always be a need to continually evolve and improve SSP programs to ensure that they are best serving the community and we are meeting our mission, vision and values. Our specific programmatic strategies will be:

  1. Align our curriculum with the best practices of US Sailing and other leading small boat centers.
  2. Develop year round programming.
  3. Increase our STEM curriculum.
  4. Expand adaptive sailing capabilities and programs.
  5. Continue to develop collaborative programs with other organizations particularly those addressing the needs of people with economic, physical, mental or other disadvantages.
  6. Expand our youth and adult racing programs.
  7. Ensure that our boat fleet is high quality and aligned with our programs and community need.
  8. Continue development of programs that encourage a vibrant community at SPP.


Goal #5: Improve the Boat House and other Facilities

SSP operates out of dated historical facilities and is currently using those facilities to near capacity. There is need for long-term strategies to maintain and update those facilities. A portion of the SSP lease is coming up for renewal with the city and this creates an opportune time to develop a facilities plan to ensure that lease negotiations consider SSPs long term needs. Specific facility strategies include:

  1. Develop an overall plan for the renewal of the Boat House.
  2. Develop a plan for potential use of additional contiguous space and the economic feasibility of leasing that space.
  3. Develop plan and timeline for funding SSP’s facility needs.
  4. Negotiate a new long-term lease and concession agreement with the city.