NOTE: If you type our address into a map website to get directions, it may not work, please use the directions and maps linked from our site.

Sail Sand Point

7861 62nd Ave NE

Seattle, WA 98115

(206) 525 – 8782

Sail Sand Point is located about five miles north of the University of Washington on the western shore of Lake Washington.

The entrance to SSP is off of Sand Point Way NE at NE 74th Street.

Directions using Google Maps
Directions using Bing Maps

Once on NE 74th

After you enter through the entrance guard station, turn left at 63rd Ave NE and go north. Turn left again at NE 77th Street. (There are usually Sail Sand Point signs, but sometimes these get moved).  Turn right at the stop sign, go under the overpass and continue straight to the water.